How do I draw the Savior’s power into my life?

“The heavens are just as open to women who are endowed with God’s power flowing  from their priesthood covenants as they are to men who bear the priesthood.  I pray that the truth will register upon each of your hearts because I believe it will change your life.  Sisters, you have the right to draw liberally upon the Savior’s power to help your family and others you love.

“Now you might be saying to yourself, ‘This sounds wonderful, but how do I do it?  How do I draw the Savior’s power into my life?’

“You won’t find this process spelled out in any manual.  The Holy Ghost will be your personal tutor as you seek to understand what the Lord would have you know and do.  This process is neither quick nor easy, but is spiritually invigorating.  What could possibly be more exciting to labor with the Spirit to understand God’s power –priesthood power?”

-President Russel M. Nelson

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we each have the ability to have direct access to the power of God through the covenants we make in the temple. President Nelson has invited us to learn, understand and use this marvelous power!

We can each learn to do this.  While studying President Nelson’s talk, Spiritual Treasures, I asked myself four questions to help guide me as I strive to learn more fully how to use this gift.

  1. What topics, goals, traits, truths, etc., do I need to help my family with?
  2. What must I set aside to use the power of God?
  3. What must I do with more exactness to exercise the power of God?
  4. What does the Lord want me to accomplish using His power?

I hope these questions can help you.

What did you learn from studying President Nelson’s talk?

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